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1-Hour Therapy Sessions


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT)

This therapy uses mildly higher air pressure to dissolve more oxygen directly into the blood stream. When more oxygen is transported to your cells and tissues, better general health ensues.

1 Hour

MYR 230

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Japanese Lymphatic Massage

This massage manually enhances the lymphatic flow to detox your body. Helps eliminate toxic substances from your body, relieve muscle tension and improve your immune system.

1 Hour

MYR 250

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Japanese Lymphatic


​This facial treatment is designed to improve your lymphatic flow and eliminate waste products, which helps reduce swelling around the eyes, the face and neck area.

1 Hour

MYR 250

Combo Packages


Luxury Package:

HBOT + Massage + Facial

Top-to-toe pampering! Enjoy HBOT as well as a Japanese Lymphatic Massage and Facial in one 3-hour session.

3 Hours

MYR 580

IMG_3709 S.jpg

Premium Package:

HBOT + Massage

Oxygenate and detox in a 2-hour session comprising HBOT and a relaxing Japanese Lymphatic Massage. 

2 Hours

MYR 400

IMG_3730 S.jpg

Premium Package:

HBOT + Facial

Treat your skin to an oxygen therapy as well as a detoxifying Japanese Lymphatic Facial. Feel and look wonderful!

2 Hours

MYR 380

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