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Q & A

What is a hyperbaric chamber? 

A hyperbaric chamber is an enclosure where the user breathes oxygen at higher than normal atmospheric pressure. This helps deliver more oxygen into the body.


These chambers, commonly used to treat decompression illness in divers, are an essential part of hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBOT). 


How does hyperbaric oxygen therapy or HBOT work? 

At Japanese Healing, we use the O2 BOX to apply HBOT for therapeutic purposes. It involves increasing the chamber’s air pressure to 1.3ATA to dissolve oxygen directly into the plasma, cerebral and spinal fluids.


The body transports oxygen via blood cells, but when you inhale pressurised air, oxygen is driven into your body fluids more intensely to saturate the body tissues and organs. This infusion of additional oxygen helps the body heal, recover and regenerate faster, even for conditions due to blocked circulation (eg: a blood clot in the brain can lead to a stroke). 

Will a hyperbaric oxygen room always be filled with 100% pure oxygen? 

No. Our hyperbaric oxygen rooms use standard ambient air. Whereas only medical-grade hyperbaric oxygen chambers are pressurised with 100% pure oxygen and may only be operated by trained technicians under the supervision of a physician. 

What can I expect for my first session? 

You may experience mild pressure in your ears (as you would during a flight take-off). You may also feel fatigued after your first few sessions. This is normal and temporary. Our advice: wear comfortable loose clothing, as tight garments may contribute to a claustrophobic feeling. You can bring in a book or magazine, as one session typically takes 60 minutes. 

Is hyperbaric oxygen therapy safe? 

Yes! Rarely have any complications ever been reported and at most, visitors to hyperbaric centres only report mild ear pressure discomfort, which can be minimised by altering the air pressure at a slower rate. We’ll be glad to address any concerns you may have.

Is it safe for the elderly? 

Yes. Hyperbaric therapy can be very beneficial in one’s golden years, even reducing the signs and symptoms of ageing. New research indicates that hyperbaric oxygenation slows apoptosis, or cell death, a condition that causes ageing. 

I’m healthy. Can it help me with my fitness and wellness goals? 

Definitely. Anyone can benefit, including physically fit athletes and mountain climbers who have found HBOT helpful in sports recovery, preventing muscle fatigue and lactic acid build-up that causes soreness. 

Is there any reason someone should not enter a hyperbaric chamber? 

Do not enter if you are under the influence of intoxicants, have ear canal problems/ear infection or symptoms of a cold or influenza. 

What are the benefits of HBOT? 

Benefits include:

Energised body ● Revitalised cells and tissues ● Improved blood circulation● Improved sleep quality ● Boost in metabolism ● Improved immune system ● Recovery from fatigue ● Improved recovery from injuries ● Anti-ageing ● Muscle tension eased ● Mobilising of stem cells ● Rehabilitation for stroke patients ● Relief for headaches, hangover

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