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O2 BOX: An Innovation Like No Other

The Industry’s First Fully Automatic, Unmanned, Room-Shaped Model!


​The O2 BOX was built to meet the need for automated high-grade hyperbaric chambers. Developed with valuable input from renowned clinical researchers,

O2 BOX is an independent room that can be installed almost anywhere. 


Made in & imported from Japan • ISO 13485 certified • Safety & quality assured

Fully automatic, does not need to be manned

Remote-controlled for ease of operation • Maintenance-free

Customisable designs, sizes & colours

Easy to install stand-alone unit • Full-service support

Patented cushion material: easy to sterilise, odour-free, hygienic

Model: T-2


1 person comfortably. 

Height 1550 mm

Width 950 mm

Length 2000 mm

Model: T-68

More space to fit in 

3 persons comfortably. 

Height 2000 mm

Width 1500 mm

Length 2600 mm

O2 Box B 1.png
Model: 810

Big enough for 4 persons.

Even a massage can be done.

Height 2000 mm

Width 1500 mm

Length 3100 mm

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